• Myanmar Tour

    07 December, 2017

    Pagodas in Bagan are a major international tourist attraction. However Burma is also visited by several tourists to experience the rustic country side and its beautiful lakes and the landscape

    1. Highlights
    2. Visit
    • Yangon
    • Mandalay
    • Bagan
    • Inle
    • Bago


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  • Car Trip – Pune to Nepal

    24 February, 2018

    Fulfill your adventure spirit by joining our group of enthusiasts to drive in a 4×4 Pajero from Pune all the way to Chitwan National Park (Nepal). En-route this route you have stops to some of the most fascinating places.

    Highlights of the visit

    1. Drive by 4×4 Pajero
    2. Visit
    • Lonar Crater
    • Pench National Park
    • Khajuraho
    • Lucknow
    • Chitwan National Park (Nepal)
    • Pokhara Valley (Nepal)

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  • Snow Leopard Expedition Tour

    25 November, 2017

    One of the most elusive even among the leopard family, the Snow Leopard. High up in the Himalayas passing through deep crevices and steep slopes the snow leopard is master os sort. Listed in highly endangered list, it is a life time experience to get to see one.

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  • Kaziranga with Unique North East India tour

    01 February, 2017

    Fly into Dibrugarh and transfer to Guijan near Dibru Soikhowa National Park and Biosphere Reserve. DS National Park is one of the 19 (nineteen) biodiversity hotspots in the world.

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  • North East India – Monsoon Experience

    12 August, 2016

    Visiting the region that receives maximum rainfall in India, is indeed exciting. Getting drenched in the refreshing rains is a dream; and we are realizing it for you….!

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  • Leh – Ladakh

    18 June, 2016

    There are only a few places as magnetic as Ladakh; drawing masses from India and abroad. Visiting once is just not enough and people keep coming back…such is the beauty!

    June, as the roads start to open out you can access the less accessible portions of this unique land all are mesmerized by the landscape.

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  • Arunachal Pradesh

    27 February, 2016

    For an amazing holiday, you need to go to an amazing destination. So if you are seeking to step into a world of extraordinary beauty and discover experiences found nowhere else on earth, Arunachal Pradesh is the place for you.

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  • Kanha Pench Tadoba

    29 January, 2016

    Tiger Trails
    Kanha National Park is one of India’s premier abode for viewing the Tiger as well as the Barasingha, found only here! This tour also takes you to the two other hotspots for nature lovers – Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh and Tadoba in Maharashtra.

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  • Vasota Fort, Koyna Sanctuary and Koyna Backwaters with Kaas Plateau

    21 November, 2015

    About The Koyna Region

    The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, the Koyna BackwatersVasota Fort and the Kaas Plateau represent the aqua, terra and aero elements that offer the ultimate paradise for nature and adventure lovers. The variety of adventure and wildlife activities that exist around are limitless.

    The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is uniquely situated between the backwaters and the western escarpment on the other. It is blessed with a high density of forest covering an area of around 426 sq km and with an altitude ranging from 1900 to 4300 ft, one of the few remaining Bio-diversity Hots pots in the world. It was notified in 1985 as a wildlife sanctuary. A part of this sanctuary had been declared as Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and now some part of the sanctuary is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This forest hosts a large variety of animals and birds.

    Koyna Backwaters range to a maximum of seventy kms.  It is one of the longest backwaters in India. Either side of it hosts diverse flora and fauna. The area can be explored  by boats.

    The twin forts Old and New Vasota are located inside the Sanctuary – ideal place to give a panoramic view of the backwaters, the surrounding forests and the Konkan belt. The trek to the forts offers a combination of both wildlife and adventure.

    Kaas Plateau and Lake: This world famous location is known for the wild endemic flowers and plants, Insects and reptiles as well. Now in 2011 it is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Thousands of nature lovers, biology students, Naturalists and Scientists from all over the world come to visit and for their research and studies in the months of August and September. This plateau is at an altitude of 4098 ft above mean sea level.

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