Damle Safaris

Damle Safaris is looking to expand footprint across India through Franchisee. We (Damle Safaris) will support logistically all our franchise partners and details to be discussed and finalized in meeting and concluded. Concluded terms will be binding on both parties through agreement.

Basic requirements from the applicant for Franchise are –

  • Own or have a leased premises in own name in a prominent locality, at a visible location
  • The internal set up along with furnishing, telephone, internet connections will be responsibility of the applicant
  • The applicant cannot solicit and/or sell, promote tours from any other travel operator/agency, nor conduct tours independently. All tours shall be solicited of and for Damle Safaris
  • The applicant’s premises shall have provision to display ‘Damle Safaris’ signage
  • The franchisee shall be responsible for the salary of staff, if any